Want To Have A Good Night’s Sleep? – Use The Right Pillow


Do you find yourself waking tired in the morning? Do you constantly toss and turn while you sleep? While you may seemingly feel like you are getting a good sleep, why is it that your body is achy and sore in the morning? Well, the simple answer lies in the fact that you are not using the right pillow. Perhaps you, just like millions of others, are simply ignoring the fact that your pillow is one of the critical factors of a good sleep.

Sleeping on the right type of pillow can make a substantial difference between waking up tired and achy and having a good night’s sleep. If you find yourself constantly craving for a good sleep and waking up less than energized, this article is for you, as we will discuss the importance of a good pillow and how to find one.

The majority of people spend almost 1/3 of their lives lying, with their head on a pillow. With this in mind, not only does your pillow needs to be a quality one, but it also needs to be perfectly suitable for the shape of your body, as well as your sleeping positions.

Why is a pillow so important?

hhdd764A pillow can truly affect the way you sleep, and with that, the way you go about your day. A pillow will greatly affect the way your body aligns, as well as how your neck aligns with the spine. Depending on the type and quality, your pillow can either put even more strain on your neck and back or alleviate it. When sleeping, your spine needs plenty of support, due to its natural curvature. For example, if a pillow is too stiff, your spine will not be properly aligned with your neck, which will cause pain in both of these areas. Therefore, when determining what is the best pillow for you, you should take into consideration your size, the shape of your spine, and, of course, your preferred sleeping positions.

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Sleeping on your back

If you are one of those who prefer to sleep on their back, you should look for a thin and flat pillow. Such a pillow will properly support both your spine and your back. Additionally, you could also consider getting a wedge pillow too.

Sleeping on your stomach

Those who prefer to sleep on their stomach do not need the same level of support for their neck and spine as the back or side sleepers do. Typically, the thinner a pillow is, the better. Such a pillow will prevent your head from elevating too much and with that, avoid putting too much pressure on your neck. If you find yourself experiencing lower back pain, you could also benefit from placing such a pillow under your stomach.

Sleeping on your side

ghdhgdd64If you spend most of your nights sleeping on either of your sides, you should opt for a contoured, firm pillow. Additionally, you should also consider placing a pillow between your legs, so as to decrease the amount of strain on your back and ensure your spine is properly aligned.

Reasons Why You Should Drink Enough Water


Do you want your body to function properly? Then it is very important that you consume a significant amount of water on a daily basis. This will not only keep your body hydrated, but it will also enable it to run its functions properly. Biologist argues that 60% of our body weight is made up of water and this is why one is encouraged to drink enough water daily as it leads to proper functioning of the body. With today’s trends, it can be difficult for one to stay away from consuming sodas, juices, and other beverages, so here is why you should incorporate water in into your daily diet.

Maintains a good looking skin

This is one of the most common advantages of drinking enough water daily. It is a clear advantage but many people will prefer to take a soda or juice instead of water. If you drink enough water, besides your skin looking fresh and hydrated, it can play its essential role in removing the toxins that build inside the body. To ensure that your skin efficiently expels toxins, you should make sure that you drink enough water on a daily basis.

It helps to maintain a healthy heart.


If one ensures that they drink a good amount of water on a daily basis, they will greatly reduce their chances of experiencing heart problems such as heart attack. Taking enough water is healthy as it thins out the blood that is in the body hence making it easier to pump through the heart. This ensures that the heart does less strenuous work and therefore will last longer.

Source of energy

Being dehydrated is not a good condition for the body. More especially during summer when there is blazing heat, one is likely to suffer from dehydration. But this can be avoided if you keep yourself properly hydrated by taking enough water throughout.

Decreases the risk of cancer

The human digestive system needs a significant amount of water so that it can work efficiently. Drinking enough of it can lead to the cure of some digestive system problems some of which can lead to cancer. When one drinks enough water daily, they significantly reduce the chances of suffering from colon cancer. You can also reduce the chance of suffering from bladder cancer by 50% and also breast cancer.

Essential in weight loss

xcddcdswerThe best choice of losing weight is consuming enough water. This is because it prevents the intake of high calories that are found in soft drinks. Water will make you feel less hungry as it acts as a stomach suppressant hence one consumes less food leading to reduced weight gain. It is important that you consume water before and after every workout as this will ensure that your body is properly hydrated. It is important to stay hydrated as dehydration will most likely slow you down.