Domestic violence is at times thought of as petty crimes by those involved. Many of the victims shy away from reporting such cases since to them the crime carries and brings a lot of shame to them.

Domestic violence starts off as a mere fight mainly as name calling, then afterward develops into pushes or shoves then to slaps and finally to real fierce fights. If this is not stopped early as it should, the results may become fatal.

What is domestic violence

Domestic violence involves any physical harassment from family members or people who are married. These harassments cause physical or emotional harm or can be fatal. Domestic violence may include; sexual assault, kidnapping, battery, stalking among others.

Legal advisors

2Whether you are an accuser or the accused, you will need a legal advisor to show you the way forward.

As the accuser, you will need a legal advisor to help you push your case forward, he/she will help you build your case from the start and see how you will get justice.

As the accused, the legal advisor is of much held without one; it will be difficult for the accused to convince those involved that he/she is innocent. The lawyers at Hutchinson and Huffman law offices in Palm Beach handle the case with expertise and treat each case with the seriousness it deserves.

Domestic violence in Palm Beach involve men, women and even children, for cases that involve children or young people, the accused will need an attorney who specializes in such a case of a specific age bracket since those involved will not be lenient and if the accuser is a little child, the child can be made to easily say anything even if it means giving out false information for the case to favour those on his team. The kind of attorney that will be needed here is one who is good at working with the child to make him/her give the right information and make the accused get justice,

Hutchinson and Huffman’s lawyers have what it takes to see a case from execution to the end of the case. Their free consultations and their legal advice meet almost every client’s expectation.


The most accused people for domestic violence are men, and why is this so? Women mostly report the cases, unlike men who chose to suffer in silence for fear of being branded as cowards. But when men are enlightened about their rights they will also be able to bring their cases forward. The lawyers don’t discriminate any gender. Domestic violence is domestic violence whether committed by a female or a male doesn’t matter. The lawyers see to it the truth is brought to light.



The information given by the clients is always kept confidential and remains within the confine of the client and his lawyer only. The client is also treated