Why You Need the Right Bong to Taste the Ultimate Smoking Experience


A bong is more than just a smoking tube. It decides whether or not you can get a satisfactory smoke inhalation. The size and the material of the bong greatly matters. A big bong does not always mean a good high. A glass bong is the most common to have but will not give you the exotic flavor of the wooden bong.

In this writing, we discuss the important factors that you must bear in mind when choosing a new bong.

The size of the bong

bubbler pipeIf you are a novice to smoking herbs, do not start with a tall neck bong. Make sure you can finish the chamber in one hit to get the freshest smoke.

You should also pay attention to the mouthpiece size. You will feel discomfort if the size does not fit with your mouth. It significantly affects your control over the intensity of the inhaled smoke.

Browse bongs from a trusted site that offers a great range of mouthpiece. Grav Labs bongs are available in many sizes, which can be a good site for you to start. They also have product reviews and recommendation that can enlighten you and make you more knowledgeable.

The material of the bong

Ancient bongs were made of clay, wood, and ceramic. These days, glass bongs dominate the market but it does not prevent manufacturers from reenacting the old ways of smoking.

BongCeramic bongs offer the classiest look, with which no glass bong can ever compete. Ceramic is also a material that cannot be melted easily. It is a bad heat conductor too, which means you will be less likely to get your hands burnt when unintentionally touching the bowl.

Manufacturers such as Purr and My Bud Vase sell ceramic bongs that are beautifully decorated. You can look outstanding even while you are high.

Wooden bongs are also on the market. The wooden material will surely take you back to the ancient time and will help you to go deep with your imagination. The most authentic feature of the wooden bong, besides its exoticism, is that the filtering nature of the material. A wooden bong promises you the taste that the other bong materials can never offer.

Herbtools.com sells varieties of bamboo bongs. They have wooden bongs with coconut shell and bamboo rope bowls. Their straight design allows you to empty the chamber easily, which is good for a novice smoker.

The bong types

There are eight conventional bong types: beaker-shaped, round-base, straight-tube, multi-chamber, percolator, bucket-gravity, waterfall-gravity, and carburetor bong.

mask highPercolator is a separate part of the main smoker tube. It can be attached to the beaker, straight-tube, or the round-base. What a percolator does is to filter the smoke through the water so that it creates the bubbling effect, which later produces clean, cool, and smooth smoke.

The straight tube is easy to empty, but the smoke result might be too harsh. By attaching a percolator, the harshness of the bud can be reduced to bring more enjoyable experience.